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Marine Diesel Engines - Providing freedom without engine problems

For over 50 years are we supplier of all the technical parts for your ship. Our range is from complete marine engines, generators, gearboxes, and thrusters to specific engineparts. 

We deliver our marine engines at a guaranteed low price and with a good service.

Quick direct answer to your question? Call or e-mail us. We can be reached by our and by phone; 00 31 184 412332

Unburdening with our services

Beside supplying marine engines, we can also complete relieve your engine concerns. This because, we are specialized in the maintenance, overhaul, repair, and installation of your engine and other technical installations.

One point of contact for marine engines

At Drinkwaard there is always a person of contact for all activities which are carried out. Which is entirely in the hands of that person, with or without other technicians. Whether you are replacing an engine or fixing a little broken piece, your contact knows the progress and can answer all your questions.

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Why Drinkwaard Motoren B.V.?

  • 55 years of experience
  • 25 highly motivated professionals
  • One stop shop
  • Large stock of engines
  • Free storage by a new engine

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