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>    Mitsubishi ship diesels from € 4.945, -

>    Craftsman Marine bow thrusters and stern thrusters

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When purchasing and installing a new marine engine. View our marine engines here.

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Reliable Marine Engines for Carefree Boating

For over 60 years we are the supplier of all technical parts for your ship. Our range ranges from complete ship engines, generators, gearboxes, and bow thrusters to specific engine parts. We deliver our ship engines at a guaranteed low price and good service.

Relaxed boating by our Services

Beside supplying marine engines, we can also completely relieve your technical worries. Simply because we are specialized in the maintenance, overhaul, repair, and installation of your engine and other technical installations on board.

SINGLE point of contact

At Drinkwaard Marine you have always one specific person who handles all activities regarding the project.  The project implementation is entirely in the hands of that person, with or without the assistance of other technicians. Whether you are replacing an engine or fixing a small broken piece, your contact knows the progress and can answer all your questions.

Home - Home

Part of our product range

Home - Mitsubishi L3E

Mitsubishi L3E

From € 5.445,00 1-3 days
Home - Craftsman CM4.42

Craftsman CM4.42

From € 7.450,00 1-3 days
Home - Craftsman Marine 55kgf 12V bow thruster

Craftsman Marine 55kgf 12V bow thruster

€ 1.270,00 On request
Home - Mitsubishi generator 10 kVa

Mitsubishi generator 10 kVa

From € 8.690,00 3-10 days
Home - Python Drive P110-S

Python Drive P110-S

€ 1.195,00 1-3 days

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