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Drinkwaard Marine
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Our workshop

In the workshop we have the knowledge and the tools to professionally repairoverhaul or maintain your marine engine. We have everything in-house, so we don't have to outsource anything.

Equipped for marine engines

Our workshop is equipped to work on ship engines as efficiently as possible. For example, we have an engine test stand, fuel pump and injector test bench and all the necessary specialist equipment. This allows the work to be carried out in a professional manner.

We have all the necessary equipment in house

We have lathes, drilling rigs and milling machines for the necessary mechanical operations. After completion of the work, we spray the engine in our own spray booth and it looks like new again!

No delays due to large stock of parts

The biggest delay in the execution of work is generally caused by a shortage of parts. To prevent this, we have approximately 20,000 revision and new parts in stock.

We save costs by using remanufactured parts

In order to save costs, we often use remanufactured parts, if you agree. These parts have all been overhauled by Drinkwaard. Because of the confidence in our quality, you also receive a warranty on these overhauled parts. So you benefit from the same guarantees, but at a lower cost.

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