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Drinkwaard Marine
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3361 GN Sliedrecht
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About Drinkwaard

Drinkwaard Marine was founded in 1961 by the father of the current generation, Arie Drinkwaard. Started in the agricultural machinery soon the first applications arrived  for car engine marinisation into marine engines. Meanwhile, we have become one of the largest suppliers of marine engines for pleasure craft and small commercial vessels with a team of 20 allround specialists.

Service, quality and fun

We have turned our hobby into our work. This has the advantage that we like to share our knowledge, want to deliver great products and work with pleasure on your boat.
So you can assume that you are helped in a pleasant way at Drinkwaard. All for a competitive price.

Drinkwaard is innovative

We enjoy beautiful technique. Therefore we try to apply the available technology in the best possible way. So we’ll figure out nice innovations that make life on board more enjoyable.

Examples of technical innovations
An example of such an innovation is our construction set that make it possible to use the main engine as a generator. We generate 5KvA (enough for everyday household onboard) to even 8KvA with an accessory kit in the size of a cookie jar. Even though a standalone generator take as much space as one cubic meter of extra space.

Another example is our investment in 1,250 solar panels. With this, the 5 buildings that we manage deliver green energy for the coming generations.

Extensive facilities

Service, quality and fun can not only express the people. The facilities must be sufficient to provide it. The facilities that we have at our disposal:

  • Spacious showroom with our products displayed;
  • Workshop with specialized tools;
  • A bar for a coffee, tea, beer and other refreshments;
  • Two cranes with a lifting capacity of 20 and 50 tons;
  • Multiple service vehicles for emergency services;
  • A private port with plenty of space;
  • Winterstorage (winterstorage is free with the purchase of a new engine).

Experience Drinkwaard Marine in Sliedrecht

Free advice from one of our experts? Come along or contact us. You can also continue to look at our products and services. Like to visit us? We are easy reachable (also by boat and with standing mast), have a look at directions to Drinkwaard.

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About Drinkwaard
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