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In the workshop we have the knowledge and the tools to repair, maintenance or overhaul your engine in a professional way. All the needed specialist tools and equipment are available on site. Which is why we do not have to outsource a lot of work.

Use our service form for a service or repair request.

Equipped for marine Works

Our workshop is designed to work most efficiently for marine engines. For example we are equipped with an engine test bench, fuel pump and injector test branch, and all necassary specialist equipment. We also have lathes, milling and rilling rigs for necessary mechanical operations. After completion of the work we spray the engine in our own spray booth and it'll look like new again!

All these facilities make that we can help you fast and efficiently, and can deliver high quality.

Large stock of spare parts

The biggest delay in the execution of work is generally caused by a shortage of parts. However, we have that problem very rarely, because we have approximately 20,000 overhaul and new parts in stock.

Overhauled parts as well as new

To save costs, we often use revision parts. These components are all reconditioned by Drinkwaard. Because of confidence in our quality, we also provide guarantee on the revision parts. You will therefore benefit from the same collateral at less cost.

Do you like to use our services? Take advantage of our low prices, fast service, high quality and comprehensive facilities. Please contact us for a quote or appointment. We can be reached by webform, at +31 184 412332 or email info@drinkwaard.com.


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