Drinkwaard Marine
Drinkwaard Marine
Baanhoek 152
3361 GN Sliedrecht
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Your Specialist In Marine Engines!


We offer the facilities below.

Two cranes: lifting capacity 20 and 50 tons

For some work, the ship has to be out of the water. We have two cranes with which we can put your ship ashore. Because the cranes are operated entirely in-house, we can usually start the work immediately.

Multiple service cars available daily

If you experience an urgent defect, we want to be on site quickly. We have various service vehicles for this. Within the Netherlands we can usually be on location the same day to get your ship's engine up and running again.

Free indoor and outdoor winter storage

We have many indoor and outdoor places where your ship can be stored in the winter. Winter storage outside is free at Drinkwaard Marine when you have a new engine installed. Read more information about the winter storage for your boat here.

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