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ePropulsion E40 Battery (2048Wh - 48V)

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Main features
Brand ePropulsion
Type E40
Dimensions (LxWxH) 16,5 x 15,4 x 8,2 inch
Weight 28 kg
Type of battery LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Charging time 2.5 hrs (20A Charger)
Capacity 2048 Wh / 40 Ah
Rated voltage 51.2 V
Cut-off voltage 41.6 V
Final charging voltage 57.6 V
Max Continuous Discharging Current 40A (max)
Serial Connection
Parallel Connection Up to 16
Cell Configuration 16S1P
Accu ports
Charge port
Discharge port
CAN communication port
Motor communication port
Extra functionalities
Removable lift handle
Audible and visual alarm
State of charge indicator lights
Power button
Warranty (Non-commercial use) 2 years
Approvals CE, CCS
Shipping Classification UN3480, Class 9, UN38.3 Certified
Communication CAN-Bus for Parallel, RS485 for ePropulsion motors. N/A: NMEA 2000
Battery Management System

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Product description

This ePropulsion battery is suitable for 48V electric outboard motors and ePropulsion Pod Drives. As a battery charger we recommend the battery charger from ePropulsion.

50% cheaper than competitors

Affordability was the starting point of these E-series batteries. By optimizing the production process, these batteries can be marketed at a very competitive price. For example, battery costs can no longer prevent you from sailing electrically.

2x as lightweight as alternatives

Compact and high energy density. That is the description of the form factor of these batteries. Compared to normal AGM lead-acid batteries, this battery is twice as light in weight. If you want maximum capacity in a limited space, you need this battery.

6 times the service life than other batteries

Use this battery daily and you can use it for 8 years. This is 6 times the life of lead acid batteries. The new chemistry that has been used makes a noticeable difference. Do you use the batteries commercially? Then your average operating costs per year will be considerably lower.

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