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Bow Thruster Installation Service

We can solve the entire installation of a new bow thruster. The installation is performed by one of our specialists, using high-quality tools and parts. A Bow Thruster installation can be achieved with us in just 3 days!

A few examples of the installation of a bow thruster

For decades built in with bow thrusters. Here are a few examples:
The installation of a bow thruster in a beautiful sailboat.
Specialist craftsmanship: bow thruster in hull lemsteraak
How we have installed a bow thruster on a motor cruiser.

View all our projects here.

Selection of a Bow Thruster

Together we make the best choice from our large assortment of Bow Thrusters. You may choose (among other brands) from Craftsman Marine, Cupa thrusters and our proprietary brand Drinkwaard Bow Thrusters.


Professional installation of Bow Thrusters

We aim for optimal quality resulting in an efficient bow thruster that is comfortable to handle. Installing a Bow Thruster usually takes just three days at Drinkwaard.

Finishing and clean delivery

Our strength lies in the details. We spend special attention to the professional concealing of the electrical wiring and the cleaning afterwards. The installation is achieved fast. This allows you to enjoy your boat within in a few of days.

Long-term warranty

Because of our quality engines and professional installation skills, we can provide you with a long-term warranty. A new Bow Thruster installed by Drinkwaard Marine has a full warranty of up to 24 months.

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