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Craftsman Marine 35kgf 12V

1.030,00 p/piece(incl. VAT)
1-3 days
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Main features
Propulsion 35 kgf
Engine power 2.4 kW
Tension 12 Volt
Tunnel diameter 110mm
Maximum cyclic duration 2 min/hour
Motor, reversible DC type
Current (A) 395 A
Slow Fuse (A) 300 A
Min. Battery capacity (Ah) 120 aH
Battery cable connector M8
Weight 17
Price bow thruster € 1.030,-
Engine temperature safety
Tunnel options
Polyester € 148,-
Steel € 148,-
Bow Thrusters control panel
ALFA 10T panel with push button € 126,-
ALFA 20T panel with joystick € 196,-
ALFA 30T panel with two joysticks € 326,-
Thruster cables
Fly-bridge splitter cable € 38,-
Thruster Cable 7m € 46,-
Thruster Cable 10m € 56,-
Thruster Cable 15m € 76,-
Thruster Cable 20m € 86,-

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Product description

Bow Thruster 35kgf 12V

This bow thruster is specially designed for smaller boats. Since the tunnel has a small diameter, not more than 110 mm, it can be built far forward into the bow, whereby the thrust reaches a maximum effect. A control panel with a joystick or buttons  is available separately. The design and finish of the panels fit perfectly with the motor control panels, creating a stylish combination.


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