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CUPA CP40 bow thruster motor (with trade-in)

1.350,00 p/piece(incl. VAT)
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Main features
Propulsion 40 kgf (400 newton)
Tension 12 Volt
For ships To 10 meters

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about CUPA CP40 bow thruster motor (with trade-in)
Product description

The CUPA CP40 is suitable for ships up to 10 meters. The thrust of the CUPA bow thruster is 40kgf (400 Newtons). The voltage of the CUPA CP40 is 12 Volt. The engine is sold without a kaplan screw or relay.

Installation of CUPA CP40

We specialize in the installation of bow thrusters. Do you want a quote for the installation of the CUPA CP40 within 2 business days? Contact us now!

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About CUPA CP40 bow thruster motor (with trade-in)
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