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Drinkwaard Bow Thruster 4hp - 12V

1.725,00 p/piece(incl. VAT)
1-3 days
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Main features
Tension 12 Volt
For ships To 10 meters
Series-parallel switch for transposition 12 Volt - 24 Volt € 262,-
Additional control switch (joystick) € 86,-
Higher price long steel pipe (each half meter) up to 13 hp € 89,-
Surcharge long steel pipe (each half meter) from 16 hp or higher € 98,-

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about Drinkwaard Bow Thruster 4hp - 12V
Product description

No problems anymore with mooring your boat. Easy to install on new and existing ships. We can also install the Bow Thruster at a competitive price for you!

By default, we supply our Bow Thrusters with a one-meter steel pipe and a control switch (joystick type). The drive is equipped with a stainless steel shaft and a bronze three-bladed propeller.

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