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Electric outboard motors

From now on, sail in the fresh air with the electric outboard motors from ePropulsion. As the exclusive importer of ePropulsion for the Benelux, we warmly recommend these electric outboard motors to you.

Need advice about electric sailing? We are happy to help you further!


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Electric outboard motors - ePropulsion Vaquita

ePropulsion Vaquita

€ 849,00 1-3 days
Buy your electric outboard motor at Drinkwaard Marine

With more than 60 years of experience. A complete (online) assortment. More than 20 professionals. And its own showroom. You purchase your electric outboard motor from a solid partner in pleasure craft. Do you want advice about electric outboard motors? Please contact us.

Get advice on electric outboard motors

In your search for a suitable electric outboard motor for your vessel, you will have noticed that there is enough choice. We at Drinkwaard Marine also have an extensive range of electric outboard motors.

Find the suitable electric outboard motor for your vessel

The size of your vessel affects the electric outboard engine that you need. Our range starts with the Spirit 1.0, which has 1000 watts (4 hp). The strongest electric outboard engine is the Navy 6.0 with 6000 watts (10 hp).

ePropulsion electric outboard motors

With an ePropulsion you can ensure yourself a user-friendly motor that is very low-noise. Thanks to efficient power consumption, a battery lasts a long time and gives you a very high yield. Everything is geared towards sailing with pleasure and eco-friendly thanks to these innovative electric outboard motors that you will enjoy for a long time.


ePropulsion is our supplier of electric outboard motors.

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