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Engine panels for boats

Craftsman Marine engine panels are milled from a solid aluminum sheet and then anodized for optimal corrosion protection. The hazard lights are of such high quality that they never need to be replaced.

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Motor panels - ALFA 10E (Craftsman Marine)

ALFA 10E (Craftsman Marine)

€ 252,00 1-3 days
Motor panels - ALFA 40E (Craftsman Marine)

ALFA 40E (Craftsman Marine)

€ 309,00 1-3 days
Motor panels - ALFA 20E White (Craftsman Marine)

ALFA 20E White (Craftsman Marine)

€ 466,00 1-3 days
Motor panels - ALFA 20E Black (Craftsman Marine)

ALFA 20E Black (Craftsman Marine)

€ 466,00 1-3 days
Motor panels - ALFA 30E White (Craftsman Marine)

ALFA 30E White (Craftsman Marine)

€ 656,00 1-3 days
Motor panels - ALFA 30E Black (Craftsman Marine)

ALFA 30E Black (Craftsman Marine)

€ 656,00 1-3 days

Craftsman Marine's ALFA motor panels are available from stock.

The ALFA series is of high quality and complete

Once your engine is installed, the engine panel is all that remains visible. With a well thought-out design, the ALFA series fits every boat. With the meters and hazard lights you keep a clear view of what is happening.

Excellent protection and double glazing

The panels are milled from a solid aluminum plate, then they are anodized for optimal protection against corrosion. All panels are pre-wired, complete with a multi-plug and a waterproof cover over the ignition switch. Double glazing prevents condensation inside.

Alarm lighting never needs to be replaced

Due to the excellent protection measures, the engine panel lasts a long time. We have gone a step further with the emergency lighting. These are of such high quality that you never have to replace them. We guarantee this.

That is why you choose Drinkwaard Marine

With more than 60 years of experience, a team of 20 specialists and extensive facilities, you choose a solid partner in pleasure boating. Feel free to contact us or visit our showroom.

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