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ePropulsion battery chargers

These battery chargers are suitable for ePropulsion outboard batteries. They ensure a fast loading time, are excellently secured by smart technology and suitable for permanent installation.

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ePropulsion battery chargers - E battery charger 30A - 220V (New 2021!)

E battery charger 30A - 220V (New 2021!)

€ 494,00 1-3 days
ePropulsion battery chargers - ePropulsion Spirit fast charger

ePropulsion Spirit fast charger

€ 273,00 1-3 days
ePropulsion battery chargers - ePropulsion foldable solar panel

ePropulsion foldable solar panel

€ 330,00 1-3 days
Fast loading times due to high-quality technology

High-quality technology is used in the construction of these battery chargers. This ensures that your ePropulsion batteries are charged within hours. That way you can quickly enjoy sailing again.

These battery chargers are very user-friendly

You put one plug in the battery and the other in the power supply, that's all. Because the battery charger works on 220V, it can be safely plugged into the socket. That easy!

Prevent damage with smart technology

The E battery chargers from ePropulsion are equipped with the latest technical gadgets. For example, they have an intelligent heat dissipation system, over-temperature protection and reverse polarity protection as standard.

Permanent installation possible due to water resistance

These battery chargers are water resistant. This gives you the option of permanently placing the charger in your vessel.

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