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ePropulsion controls

ePropulsion has different types of controls. You can choose from a top or side control, but also a 'dual control'. View per control for which motor it is suitable.

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ePropulsion controls - ePropulsion Evo tiller

ePropulsion Evo tiller

€ 300,00 1-3 days
ePropulsion controls - ePropulsion Evo top control

ePropulsion Evo top control

€ 300,00 1-3 days
ePropulsion controls - ePropulsion Evo side control

ePropulsion Evo side control

€ 450,00 1-3 days
ePropulsion controls - ePropulsion Evo double actuation

ePropulsion Evo double actuation

€ 500,00 1-3 days
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