Drinkwaard Marine
Drinkwaard Marine
Baanhoek 152
3361 GN Sliedrecht
+31 184 412332 - info@drinkwaard.com

Fiberglass Work

Our fiberglass specialists are also available  if adjustments need to be made, or if there are any problems with the hull of your fiberglass boat. Drinkwaard is available for large and tiny repairs, Drinkwaard is the right place to solve your problem. In our special heated shed, we can serve you in any season.

Common activities include:

  • Places of thrusters;
  • Modifications to the motor foundation;
  • Repairing damage to the hull;
  • Replacing shaft installations;
  • Replacing agitator shaft installations;
  • Placing special plastic tanks.

Work on site

Sometimes your ship cannot come to our yard in Sliedrecht. In many cases, most work can be executed on site, although with consideration of climatic conditions.

Request a quote

Want to know what your fiberglass project will cost? Please contact us for a quote. You can also contact us for urgent matters.

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