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Gearbox Revision

Extend the lifetime of your gearbox by a revision. We are the expert for gearboxes and revisions. We have great experience in overhauling gearboxes by overhauling thousands of gearboxes during the past 50 years. Besides exchange your gearbox with one from our large stock of remanufactured gearboxes, we can also revise your gearbox fast.

Gearbox overhaul of many brands

Drinkwaard can overhaul gearboxes of many different brands. For example, Paragon, Velvet, PRM, Hurth, ZF and Technodrive. If your brand is not listed here, then contact us for more information.

Removing and installing at Drinkwaard or your location

When we revise a gearbox, it is practical to carry out this work in our well-equipped workshop. After the overhaul the gearbox is spray-painted, and it looks as good as new.

Of course, you can come to our site with your ship. But if this is not possible or desirable, we can remove/install the gearbox at your premises.

During installation, we ensure quality and avoid damage. Finally, we take care of a well-cleaned boat. You can be assured that we will leave your boat clean after installing the reconditioned gearbox.

12 Months Warranty

Any gearbox revision receives our 12-month warranty. This results in a carefree gearbox revision, which will perform well for a long time.

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Gearbox Revision
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