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Hybrid drive for boats - 10 kW

7.550,00 p/piece(incl. VAT)
On request
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Display properties
Material display frame Aluminium
Screen type Gorilla Glass®
Automatic brightness adjustment
Full colour
Touch screen
Delivered as standard
Adjustable stainless steel motor mounts
Integrated thrust bearing
Digital color display
Ignition lock with keys
Electric motor
Throttle properties
Sensor controlled (no potentiometer)
Controller properties
Cooling Air cooling
Electric motor properties
3 phase AC induction
Cooling Air cooling
Not included
Marine diesel engine

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Product description

With a hybrid drive, an electric motor is built on the marine diesel engine in your powertrain. Performance such as cruising speed, sailing time and loading time depend on the ship's diesel on which the electric motor is built. For more information about this, please contact us (within 24 hours response).

Commissioning and technical inspection included in the price

When you have assembled the electric motor yourself, we will send a specialist along for commissioning and technical inspection. In this way you will sail with confidence. The costs of this are included in the price.

Advantages of electric sailing

Sailing with a hybrid drive has the following advantages:

  • Sailing silently on the electric position
  • High quality due to full production in the Netherlands
  • 90% return compared to industry average of 70%
  • Many hours of pleasure because the batteries are charged by the ship's diesel
  • Switch smoothly between electric and diesel drive

We have hybrid drives for boats of various sizes. View our range of hybrid drives for boats here.

This is supplied as standard with the electric motor

The 10 kW hybrid air-cooled engine includes:

  • Thinking motor management
  • Control lever
  • Clear display
  • Digital keys

Exclusive: pulley, V-belts, batteries and diesel engine.

Let us assemble the electric motor

When it comes to mounting the electric motor on the ship's diesel: at Drinkwaard Marine you are at the right place. With a team of 20 professionals and more than 55 years of experience, this job is in good hands. For more information, contact us.

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