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Have a bow thruster installed

Have your bow thruster installed within 3 days

The installation is carried out by one of our specialists. Only high-quality tools and materials are used. This allows us to provide a 24-month warranty on a built-in Drinkwaard bow thruster.

A few examples of the installation of a bow thruster

We have been installing bow thrusters for decades. Here are a few examples:
The installation of a bow thruster in a beautiful sailboat
Specialist craftsmanship: bow thruster in hull lemsteraak
How we have installed a bow thruster on a motor cruiser

View all our projects here.

What are the advantages of a bow thruster?

The biggest advantage of a bow thruster is the ease with which you can maneuver in ports, bridges and locks. Due to the extra control, you have less chance of damage to your hull. You no longer have to perform exciting actions with ropes and the like.

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Bow Thruster Installation Service - CB 1: Boegschroef laten inbouwen

We are ready for you with a team of 20 specialists

Bow Thruster Installation Service - CB 2: Boegschroef inbouwen

Have you tried installing a bow thruster yourself?

That doesn't always go according to plan. It is often more difficult than previously thought. That is no problem for us! With our team of specialists, we can take over this technical job for you. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

How does a bow thruster work?

A tube is placed in the hull of your vessel. The bow thruster is mounted on or in this tube, depending on the type of bow thruster. A control panel is then mounted and connected to the bow thruster. This allows you to maneuver better from now on.

Together we choose the right bow thruster for your vessel

Depending on your vessel and your budget, we choose the right bow thruster together. We have a suitable bow thruster available for every vessel. You can choose from the following brands: Craftsman Marine, CUPA and our own brand: Drinkwaard.

An efficient bow thruster that is comfortable to handle

Installing a bow thruster is specialist work. Our strength lies in the details. Consider, for example, the professional elimination of electrical cabling. We also have a specialist for polyester work and a specialist for steel work.

We take care of the entire process

When installing a bow thruster, we take care of the entire process. This includes:
- Lift on the side
- Hosing down
- Masking
- Determine tunnel location
- Saw holes and assemble tunnel
- Mount bow thruster and controls
- Install battery and possible control diode
- Laying and hiding power wires
- Completely thorough testing
- Hoist boat back into the water

Bow Thruster Installation Service - CB 3: Boegschroef inbouwen

We have more than 60 years of experience in pleasure craft

Bow Thruster Installation Service - CB 4 :Boegschroef inbouwen

Installation on location is also possible

We install bow thrusters throughout the country. We come to you with our mobile workshop. We take everything we need for this more. That way we can install your bow thruster neatly and you are not obliged to come to us in Sliedrecht.

Save costs and immediately opt for a stern thruster

A bow thruster will make mooring a lot easier for you. You have already read that. But if you really want to do it right, then you also immediately take a stern thruster. We are now working on saving you costs. Where the stern thruster is at the front, the stern thruster is mounted at the rear.

A price indication within 12 hours on working days

Before you can make a choice, you first want to know the costs. We get that. Call or email (you will have a price indication within 12 hours on working days). Would you rather come by? No problem. We look forward to welcoming you in our showroom in Sliedrecht. It is open from Monday to Saturday.

Please note: Our lead times may be longer than usual due to the many requests. The current lead time is indicated in the quotation.

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