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Marine Engine Installation Service

Have your marine engine professionally installed

If your marine diesel is not installed properly, you will sooner or later have problems. It is therefore important that you carefully decide who will install the engine. Experience, knowledge and the right tools are crucial in your choice. If you choose Drinkwaard Marine, you choose for more than years of experience, an extensive workshop with professional tools and a team of certified technicians.

20 certified professionals are ready for you

We go for an efficient power source that is comfortable to handle. For example, you will not experience any irritating resonance or leakage with a built-in Drinkwaard Marine marine engine. Our team of 20 specialists has an extensive workshop with professional tools at its disposal.

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Marine Engine Installation Service - CB 1: Scheepsmotor inbouwen

We build in more than 250 motors per year

Marine Engine Installation Service - CB2: Scheepsmotor inbouwen

Projects already completed

Many boating enthusiasts have already had their engine installed by us. We were allowed to take pictures of a number of them and wrote a short report. View some of our projects here.

Detailed finish and good delivery

You want the engine to be installed properly. You can count on us. We also pay extra attention to the details. Think of hiding the cabling, keeping the engine accessible and delivering your vessel clean. So nice!

Advice in response to changed regulations

In more and more areas in the Netherlands, it is no longer allowed to sail with a combustion engine. We can advise you on this before installing a new engine at a later date. Please contact us for this. This prevents unpleasant surprises.

We have more than 60 years of experience in pleasure craft

New ship engine available from stock

Before we replace the marine engine, we first consider repair or overhaul. When a new marine engine is the best option, we look together at the best choice from our range of marine engines. We have the right engine in stock for both motor ships and sailing ships.

24 months warranty on built-in marine engine

Thanks to our quality marine engines and built-in qualities, we can offer a long-term warranty. Built-in marine engines from Drinkwaard Marine come with a full warranty of 24 months.

A price indication within 12 hours on working days

Before you can make a choice, you first want to know the costs. We get that. So call or email. Would you rather come by? We look forward to welcoming you in our showroom in Sliedrecht. It is open from Monday to Saturday.

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Marine Engine Installation Service - CB 3: Scheepsmotor inbouwen
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