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Installation Services

Our Installation Service will take away all your troubles at the installation of engines, generators, gearboxes, bow thrusters and Python Drives.

At Drinkwaard we are working with a team of 20 dedicated all-round mechanics. On average they are working already between 20 to 40 years for Drinkwaard Marine. Our specialists are extremely experienced and are highly skilled in their profession.


Gearbox Installation

Installing a new gearbox requires the right expertise. With us you do not have to worry about half work. We always deliver professional quality.


Bow Thruster Installation Service

We can solve the entire installation of a new bow thruster. The installation is performed by one of our specialists, using high-quality tools and parts. A Bow Thruster Installation can be achieved with us within just 3 days!


Python Drive Installation

Python Drives can be installed fast and professionally by us as well, we guarantee you a smooth and clean installation.


Installation of stern thruster

Install a stern thruster? No problem for Drinkwaard Marine. We will help you quickly with the installation of a new stern thruster. And that for a competitive price!

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