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JVG 6.60 now sails 100% electric

Jan van Gent's sloops are widely known as large-class vessels. As the builder himself says "Perfection down to the smallest detail. That is sailing with a Jan van Gent sloop!" Read here how we made this beautiful vessel future proof.

Why electric sailing?

No more rumble from the engine. No more problems with the exhaust gases. Less maintenance costs. Imagine this! With the advent of electric outboard motors and electric inboard motors, it is within reach.

Choose 100% electric or hybrid

With our electric motors your boat sails fully electric or hybrid. Depending on your battery pack, you sail for longer periods, the charging always takes 1 night. In the case of this JVG, this boat sails 10 kilometers (at half power). The performance of the hybrid drive depends on the marine diesel with which the electric motor works.

Diesel engine in exchange for electric motor

The owner of this JVG 6.60 has chosen to exchange his Volvo Penta 33 hp diesel engine for a professional electric motor with Victorn AGM package. We started working with a team of specialists and the result is impressive!

Became curious?

Do you also want the benefits of electric sailing? Or do you want more information? Then do not hesitate to contact us! With more than 60 experience, you are assured of solid advice.

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