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Craftsman Marine CM4.52 Marine engine

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Main features
Brand Craftsman Marine
Suction Turbo
Basic engine Mitsubishi
Dynamo 90A-12V
Weight 182 kg
Max installation angle 15º (backwards)
Vibration threshold Type 5
Boiler connection Optional
Exhaust diameter 50mm
Cooling Indirect / heat exchanger
Maximum speed 3000tpm
Clutch 127Nm
Power 39kW / 52hp
Cylinders 4-cylinders
Content 1758 cc
with TMC60-2R reverse gear € 10.495

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Product description

Craftsman Marine marine engines are powerful, reliable and fuel efficient. Drinkwaard Motoren is the official dealer of Craftsman Marine. Visit the store quickly or contact us for more information.

Low vibration, quiet and good service

Craftsman Marine marine diesel engines are quiet and low in vibration and all meet the emission standards set by the European Regulations for Recreational Navigation (ERP). Equally enjoyable is the full service that you experience at Craftsman Marine. We guarantee that you will be assisted quickly everywhere for maintenance or repairs.

Includes a matching engine panel

An ALFA 20E is included with the purchase of this marine engine. At an additional cost, you can also opt for an ALFA 30E (white or black). Both dashboards have an automatic dimmer, tachometer and hour counter, voltmeter and temperature alarm. The Alfa 30E also has an oil pressure gauge.

That is why you choose Drinkwaard Marine

With more than 60 years of experience, a team of 20 specialists and extensive facilities, you choose a solid partner in pleasure craft. Need advice about a product from our webshop? Please contact us or visit our showroom.

Let us build in your CM4.52

We are happy to install the marine engine for you. This is done by professionals who work with professional tools. Drinkwaard Marine has more than 60 years of experience with the installation of marine diesel engines.

Marine engines of other brands

We have an extensive range of marine engines. In this way there is always a marine engine that fits your vessel and your budget. We can offer you marine engines of the following brands:

  • Marine Power Diesel
  • FNM
  • Mitsubishi
  • John Deere
  • Craftsman Marine
6 year warranty after purchase

After purchasing the Craftsman marine CM4.52 marine engine you get a 6-year extended warranty.

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