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Craftsman Marine engines

Craftsman selected Mitsubishi engines because they are designed for power, reliability and fuel efficiency. These engines are often used for heavy duty applications such as lifting machinery, agricultural machinery and professional sailing.

Craftsman Marine diesel engines are relatively quiet and vibration calm. They also fullfill the standards set by the European Regulations for Boating (ERP). Also the full service you get with a Craftsman Marine is very good. Before, during and after the transaction. Our dealer and servicenetwork guarentees that you'll be helped always and anywhere for maintenance and reparations.


Drinkwaard Marine

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Craftsman CM2.16

From € 4.750,00 1-3 days

Craftsman CM3.27

From € 5.750,00 1-3 days

Craftsman CM4.42

From € 7.450,00 1-3 days

Craftsman Marine CM4.52 Marine engine

From € 8.990,00 1-3 days

Craftsman CM4.65

From € 10.290,00 1-3 days

Craftsman CM4.80

From € 10.290,00 1-3 days
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