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John Deere 4045DF150 Marine Engine

From 10.690,00 (incl. VAT)
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Main features
Weight 430 Kg
Fuel pump Mechanical
Gearbox of choice
Cooling Intercooling or Keel cooling
Clutch 292Nm / 1200 rpm
Power 81 hp (60 kW)
Cylinders 4
Content 4500CC
RPM 2500 omw/min
Without gearbox € 10.690,-
Price with ZF45 € 13.490,-
Price with PRM 500 € 14.290,-
Prices intercooling
Without gearbox € 12.030,-
Price with ZF45 € 14.830,-
Price with PRM 500 € 15.630,-

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Product description

In addition to the sale of original John Deere Marine Engines, Drinkwaard is specialized in the marinisation of certain types of John Deere engines. Especially for the refit/replacement market. The 4045DF150 makes a good example of this.

Strong Marine Engine

With John Deere Marine Engines, you'll be assured of a strong, rugged engine for a long time. Also, John Deere offers a global service network.

Price excluding VAT from € 8.670,-


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