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Twin Disc Technodrive TMC 40 Gearbox

845,00p/piece(incl. VAT)
1-3 days
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Main features
Weight 8,8 Kg
Max. speed frequency 4500 omw/min
Max. motor capacity 26 kW
Gear ratios (forward) 1,45 | 2,00 | 2,60
Technical data
Max. motor capacity ahead 26 kW
Max. motor capacity backward 33% van vooruit
Transfer ratio backwards 2,13

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Product description

Twin Disc Technodrive gearboxes are high-quality gearboxes and manufactured in Italy. Technodrive has been part of Twin Disc since 1999.

2 year warranty

We deliver the Technodrive Twin Disc TMC gearboxes with a 2 year warranty. We can also install the new gearboxes for you. This is possible at Drinkwaard Motors or on location.

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