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MANN-FILTER Basket air filter (Ø100 mm)

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Main features
Type 4313067012
Article number BLLF100
Dimensions (see image)
Dimension D1 (connection) 100 mm
Dimension D2 147 mm
Dimension H1 (length) 215 mm
Dimension H2 38 mm
Suitable for
DAF marine engines
Mercedes marine engines
Mitsubishi marine engines
Other information
Scope Luchtfiltratie
Nominal flow rate 13 (m³/min)
Weight 1,9 Kg
Housing material ST
Filter medium Gaas

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about MANN-FILTER Basket air filter (Ø100 mm)
Product description

Your engine sucks in air for optimal combustion. To prevent dust and sand from being sucked into your engine, use an air filter. These basket air filters are ideal for marine engines from DAF, Mercedes and Mitsubishi.

Prevent engine damage and replace your air filter on time

The filter will become clogged as it is used. This is insurmountable. The result is that your engine gets less and less air and its power decreases. Therefore, replace your air filter in time.

We offer 4 different sizes

We supply these basket air filters in four sizes: 60 mm70 mm80 mm en 100 mm. In this way we can always help you. Check which size you need. You can often read this from your current air filter.

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