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Your Specialist In Marine Engines!


Using a car engine for your boat? We make it possible with the help of a special developed marinisation kit. It's possible to do it yourself, but ofcourse we can convert your car engine too, including testing at our test-bench and we can take care of the installation at your boat.

Marinisation special Engines

Do you have a certain type of engine you really like? Very often we are able to solve the conversion into a ship engine.

A little while ago we've marinisated a very special 'Alfa' engine. The client didn't only want that beautiful sound in his car, but also in his boat. Anything is possible with us and we love challenges.

Standard Marinisation packs

For the most common motors we have developed standard Marinisation Packs and on the shelf. So we can convert your car, truck or generator engine quickly and economically into a marine engine that will run well for many years.

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Are you curious about the possibilities for your type of engine and the cost of converting it into a ship engine? Request a quote. 

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