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Micro Separator

Do you want to deal with contaminated diesel that can damage your ship's engine? The Micro Separator is your solution. With a quadrupel separation principle the Micro Separator cleans the diesel perfectly!



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Micro Separator - Micro Separator MFC-50

Micro Separator MFC-50

€ 271,00 1-3 days
Micro Separator - Micro Separator MFC-110

Micro Separator MFC-110

€ 453,00 1-3 days
Micro Separator - Micro Separator MFC-750

Micro Separator MFC-750

€ 670,00 1-3 days
Micro Separator - Micro Separator MFC-1900

Micro Separator MFC-1900

€ 1.022,00 1-3 days
Micro Separator - Water Sensor Micro Separator

Water Sensor Micro Separator

€ 119,00 1-3 days

Contaminated DIESEL

As a result of the ever-increasing concentrations of biofuels in diesel (5% -15%), more and more serious pollutants occur. Because condensation in fuel tanks (also in plastic tanks) can not be prevented, every tank where diesel is stationary for some time will be affected by bacteria formation. We have seen fuel tanks pass by with whole bacteria strands and a thick layer of sludge. Very bad for the ship's engine.


The damage caused by contaminated fuel can be extreme, and the moment it occurs is the time that you need to rely upon your engine. The damge is caused because bacterial strands form a cluster and clog everything. Also caked up pistons with sludge form a serious threat to your engine. Common damages due to contaminated diesel are:

  • Holes in pistons or even broken pistons 
  • Clogged fuel filters 
  • Broken fuel injector

According to shipping industry insurer Lloyds 90% of all engine damage is caused by contaminated diesel.

how does the MICRO SEPARATOR work?

The Micro Separator cleans your fuel (diesel and petrol) by means of 4 separation principles:

  • Centrifugal
  • Fusion (coalescence)
  • Surface tension
  • Gravity

(1) The fuel which flows into the Micro Separator, is rotated downward and directed by partitions. This is the first cleaning phase, in which coarse and heavy particles are separated from the fuel, which fall down into the reservoir.
(2) In the second phase, the flow rate is greatly reduced, so that the second and third cleaning process can take place in the porous ceramic.
(3) Smaller water droplets and dirt particles are now connected to clusters and also fall to the bottom.
(4) Even very small water droplets, which have attached themselves to fuel molecules, are separated by the property of the ceramic on the fuel and therefore form larger droplets, which also sink to the bottom.
(5) When the reservoir is full at the bottom, drain the accumulated water and dirt through the tap on the bottom of the Micro Separator.

Optionally the Micro Separator can be equipped with a water / dirt sensor, which gives you a signal when the reservoir at the bottom needs to be emptied. Normally this happens once per season during the periodic change of the oil.

The Micro Separator guarantees clean fuel that is good for your ship's engine.

Micro Separator Installation Scheme

Do you want to permanently deal with diesel bacteria?

We can quickly install a Micro Separator in any type of yacht. For more information about the Micro Separator? Please contact us!

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