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It may be a bit surprising to you, Drinkwaard Marine specializes in Steelworks for your ship as well.  Since the start of Drinkwaard Marine (over 60 years ago) steelwork has been an important industry for us. In our workshop, we're fully equipped. We are able to weld, grind, burn, bend, roll and even to forge.


Whether you want a little repair to the hull, or want to assemble a new swimming platform, with all kinds of steel work we can serve you. Examples of our experiences:

  • Build and install new deck/cabin construction;
  • Construction of bow thruster tubes and stern thrusters;
  • Construction and installation of fuel tanks;
  • Blackwater tank integrated into the swimming platform;
  • Custom made stainless steel water and sewage tanks;
  • Replacement of propeller shaft;
  • Replacement of rudder shaft;
  • Foundation for your engine or equipment;
  • Placement of anchor winches and anchor chain bins.
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Steelworks - Staalwerk

We have more than 60 years of experience in pleasure craft

Steelworks - Schepen gefabriceerd

Shipyard for cruisers

We have been building our own line of vessels for some time. In-house production of our beautiful metal cruisers from 10 to 15 meters meant a fully equipped steel workshop and specialists. But given the fact that we were competing with our business customers we've decided to stop the production. However, the know-how and the tools are still available!

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Want to know what your steel work will cost? Please contact us for a quote. You can also use our Steelworks Service for urgent repairs.

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