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Marine engine installed at Gillissen Vlet 1100

The choice for Drinkwaard Marine

The marine engine of the Gillissen Vlet 1100 needed to be replaced. The owner of the vessel went looking for a party with sufficient knowledge and experience. He chose Drinkwaard Marine. With more than 60 years of experience and a team of 20 specialists, you choose a solid partner in pleasure boating.

Disassembly of the old DAF DA475

Before installing the new marine engine, it was necessary to first disassemble the old DAF DA475. This work was professionally performed by one of our specialists. See the result here:

Installation of a new marine engine

After this we cleaned and repainted the engine compartment. The engine compartment was ready for the installation of the new Mitsubishi S6S. It was safely brought into the boat with a professional hoist. This is an accurate job and caution is advised. Herewith a few pictures:

The Velvet gearbox packed and mounted

When the new marine engine was installed, the Velvet gearbox was completely “packed”, which means that all gaskets, seals, O-rings, etc. have been replaced. Then the gearbox was built on the new Mitsubishi S6S engine and the whole was painted in color.

Operation checked during sea trial

After the new marine engine was installed and the gearbox was connected, a test run was made. Everything was checked in detail and the ship was then able to go ashore again. The owner was happy to handle the sub-ship himself. He did that at our yard.

Free winter storage with the purchase of a new ship's engine

We have both winter indoor and outdoor storage. When purchasing a new marine engine, you can use our outdoor storage for free. This Gillissen Vlet 1100 has also used this.

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