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Python Drive P60-B

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Maximum Shaft Torque 60 kgm / 588 Nm
Shaft Diameter 30 - 40 mm
Maximum Thrust 5.7 kN
Example application with diesel engine 70 Hp / 2600 rpm 3:1
Choice of Length Homokinetic Axis 145, 165 or 195 mm
Available separately
Thrust bearing unit
Homokinetic drive shaft
Adapter flange

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Product description

The Python Drive P60-B is intended for recreational craft with an engine power up to 70hp at 2600 rpm and a gearbox reduction to 3 :1. 

Download here the specifications of the Python Drive P60-B

Seperate parts for the P60-B

We can supply all parts separately for the Python Drive P60-B. If your shaft size differs from the standard model, we can provide a customized model. Even custom tailoring is possible.

Installation, warranty and maintenance

Installation is simple. This can either be done by the experienced Do-It-Yourself skipper or quickly and professionally by Drinkwaard Marine, have a look at our Python Installation Service. The Python Drive comes with no less than 5 years warranty and is maintenance-free.

Also order individual parts from us

Parts of the P60-B that you can order from us:
Thrust bearing unit complete: PD-B
Homokinetic drive axle standard: P60
- Adapter flange

Please contact us to order the adapter flange.

Request more information

We are happy to advise you on the determination of the right model for your ship, based on engine power, thrust, propeller shaft, hull shape and use. A Python Drive model is available for any ship with a propeller shaft.

Download the price list of our complete Python Drive range here.

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