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Reconditioned Gearbox PRM 601

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Product description

For over 40 years PRM provides gearboxes for boating. You can come across PRM gearboxes anywhere in the world. PRM is a very respected brand for boat-owners. The range of PRM gearboxes varies from small mechanical gearboxes to bigger hydraulic gearboxes.


We have revised PRM601 Gearboxes in stock for fast replacement with your current gearbox on a trade-in base of the same model.  Optionally, we can repair or revise your current gearbox. We offer Gearbox Installation Services as well. Each revised gearbox comes with a one-year warranty.

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You need more information about the PRM601? Contact us now. You may send an email to  info@drinkwaard.com or call us at +31 184 412332. Or use the webform for a quote.

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