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On a daily base at Drinkwaard there are 20 specialists realizing nice projects. On this page we  show some projects which we're very proud of. Ranging from a complete new powertrain including an engine to a small steelwork job.


Amulet vlet 765 from 1971 sails like new again

Our assignment was as follows: Replace the obsolete Peugeot marine diesel, keep the current gearbox and provide the boat with a bow thruster. Read here how we did this!


JVG 6.60 now sails 100% electric

For this 'Jan van Gent 6.60' we exchanged the Volvo Penta diesel engine for one of our electric motors. This sloop sails 100% electric into the future. Read on here!


Beautiful sailboat equipped with a Drinkwaard bow thruster

The Guano Kvase. A beautiful sailing boat and the proud possession of two sailing enthusiasts. Certainly in the summer months it is great sailing over the waters through nature. Sailing is a profession in itself and it takes time to master the technique.


Installation of new marine engine at Gillissen Vlet 1100

We recently installed a new marine engine on a Gillissen Vlet 1100. Read the construction report here!


Replacement Mercedes OM312 with Mitsubishi S4S


Installation of two Mitsubishi S4L2 engines


Bow thruster built into a motor cruiser

Bow thruster built into a motor cruiser.


Stern thruster installed in a beautiful steel motor cruiser

With this beautiful steel motor cruiser we have built in a stern thruster including a control panel. Of course with a two-year warranty! All this at a very affordable price.


Recreational yacht with bow thruster tunnel and bow thruster

Bow thruster tunnel and bow thruster built into a motor cruiser.


Damage repair cruiser


Boat Hoist installation

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