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Remanufactured Marine Engines

The best low-budget option is a remanufactured marine engine. We exchange the base block by transferring the existing parts on the revised block. This gives you a fair exchange for the base block without paying  for renewing parts that are still functioning well. On revised marine engines we provide a 1-year warranty.

Of course, we can install the remanufactured engine in your ship. Have a look at our installation service.


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Remanufactured Marine Engines - Peugeot


€ 5.795,00 On request
Remanufactured Marine Engines - Mercedes


€ 5.795,00 On request
Remanufactured Marine Engines - DAF


€ 8.495,00 On request
Remanufactured Marine Engines - Vetus M3.28

Vetus M3.28

€ 3.950,00 On request
  • Extensive payment options: