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Gearbox overhaul

Extend the life of your gearbox

We are the specialist in gearboxes and overhauls. We have more than 60 years of experience in pleasure craft. In all that time we have been able to carry out many revisions of gearboxes. After overhaul, the gearbox is sprayed, after which it looks as good as new again.

Gearbox overhaul of many brands

You can come to us with many different brands of gearboxes. We have experience with Hurth/ZF, Paragon, PRM, Velvet, and Twin Disc/Technodrive, among others. View our stock of reconditioned gearboxes here.

Removal and installation on location of your choice

When we overhaul a gearbox, it is most practical to do this in our workshop. Is it not possible, or is it not desirable, to come to us? Then we can also remove and install your gearbox on location.

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Gearbox overhaul - CB 1: Keerkoppeling revisie

We have more than 60 years of experience in pleasure craft

Gearbox overhaul - CB 2: Keerkoppeling revisie

You get a 12-month warranty on a reconditioned gearbox

Tijdens de inbouw dragen wij zorg voor quality. Doen ons uiterste best om damage te avoid. Also worry about the fact that it is possible that the inside has been cleaned. U bent ervan verzekerd dat wij u vaartuig netjes opleveren. After the revision, you get a 12-month guarantee. There is a link between the two that can be changed.

On working days within 12 hours a price indicator

Before doing so, you will have to pay first. We snap that. Bel daarom even of mail (u heeft op working days within 12 uur reactie). Are you coming along? Yes problem. We look forward to seeing you in our showroom in Sliedrecht. December is pending from May tot and met Zaterday.

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