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Saga 27 gets new marine engine

The first Saga 27 was presented in 1970 at a boat show in Stockholm. The model was an immediate success and within 7 years the milestone of 1000 models sold was reached. Coincidentally to a Dutchman. We have been asked to replace an old Perkins 4.108 of a Saga 27 with a brand new Craftsman Marine CM3.27 marine engine with nice extras. Read the construction report here.

How Saga started making boats in 1960

The Drageseth brothers from Norway had already had a shirt making factory for 14 years, when a new material appeared on the market: fibre-reinforced plastic. They decided to build their first boat from this material. The ship was 3 meters long, called a 'jolly boat' in English.

The growth of Saga and the arrival of model 27

After the first model, 3 new models quickly followed and new factories were built to increase the capacity. All production facilities are located on the rough coasts of Norway. The perfect place to test and maintain seaworthiness of Saga ships. In 1970 came the Saga 27.

The unique way of working at Saga

In Norway and around the world, Saga is known for its high quality. This quality is ensured by a focused production philosophy based on semi-planning hulls. Furthermore, a long tradition and high competence are combined with practical solutions and the use of high quality materials.

Saga's offer today

Saga currently offers 6 different models and is continuously looking for improvements in the product portfolio. Contemporary product development seeks a balance between preserving and modernizing the Saga design. In this way, the ships retain their common identity.

Replacing the old Perkins 4.108

An owner of a Saga 27 came to us with the question whether we could replace his marine engine. Of course we can! With over 60 years of experience, that's no problem. The choice for the new marine engine was the Craftsman Marine CM3.27. A very suitable engine for this ship.

A comprehensive engine panel for complete control

To make boating more fun and easier, we've installed a nice engine panel: the 30E, also from Craftsman Marine. With this comprehensive panel there is full control over the ship. The panel includes a tachometer and hour counter, voltmeter, oil pressure gauge and temperature gauge.

Also immediately installed a new bow thruster

To make mooring easier we have installed a new bow thruster. The choice fell again for a product from Craftsman Marine: the 35KGF 12V. The vessel now slides to the side with a smooth movement. No hassle and more sailing pleasure. A joystick is installed next to the engine panel for operation.

Major maintenance performed to extend lifespan

In addition to the new engine and bow thruster, we were able to install the following: new wet exhaust, water filter and propeller shaft installation. The aim is of course that the Saga 27 sails like new again and that the vessel can continue for years. The whole is done in-house by our own certified professionals.

Does your vessel also need (major) maintenance?

With more than 60 years of experience, 20 certified technicians and extensive facilities, you have come to the right place. We can install a bow thruster on location within 3 days. Every year we install 250 engines and carry out more than 1500 maintenance visits.

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Saga 27 gets new marine engine
Saga 27 gets new marine engine
Saga 27 gets new marine engine

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