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We offer you a Complete Carefree Solution with our extended services. We are the experts in installing, repairing, overhauling and maintaining of your marine engine and all related technical issues.

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Marine Engine Installation Service

A completely new marine engine can be cheaper than the repair or overhaul. Before we replace the ship's engine, we first consider repair or overhaul. When a new marine engine is the best option we provide a professional installation with multiple years of warranty. Only real specialists will work on the installation of your engine.


Revision marine engines

Extend the life of your current ship with decades? Then overhauling the engine would be the best option. We can overhaul almost any brand of marine engine.



Maintenance is essential to the efficiency and the lifetime of your marine engine. A well- maintained engine lasts up to 30 % longer working. We take the maintenance completely off your hands.


Gearbox Revision

Want to extend the lifetime of your gearbox? The best option is to choose for a revision. We are experts in gearbox revisions and we are able to perform this for almost any brand.


Installation Services

You have come to the right place for the installation of gearboxes, bow thrusters and Python Drives. With our team of dedicated specialists we can perform the installation of technical equipment fast and professionally.


Reparation Service

Your Bow Thruster or Gearbox is broken? No problem! Drinkwaard is rapidly deployable and throughout the Benelux. Our specialists help you quickly back sailing.



Do you have a well functioning car engine that you want to place into your boat? We can marinisate engines from many brands such as Peugeot, Mercedes, Volkswagen and DAF with our default conversion kits. We also have extensive experience in the marinisation of other engine brands.


Marine Glazing

High quality marine glazing? Drinkwaard supplies ship's windows, hatches and portholes of the quality brand GEBO ship's glazing.



Drinkwaard also specializes in all possible steelwork to your ship. We have extensive experience in processing and repairing steel, including all welding and installation of bow thrusters.


Fiberglass Work

Also when it comes to repairing polyester or placing a bow or stern in your fiberglass hull is Drinkwaard experienced and equiped to deal with the installation.


Winter Yacht Storage

Drinkwaard offers Yacht Storage, both inside and outside. Engine Maintenance is an optional service. Pickup and Delivery service over water is available as well.



Do you want to replace the engine of your boat? Let us think along with the re-motorisation of your boat. With 59 years of experience and an extensive range of new engines, we find the right solution for your situation. Let your re-motorization take place at Drinkwaard Marine.


Boat transport

Your boat's engine broken? Not possible for you to sail? Then use our boat transport! We pick up your boat from all over Europe and then transport it professionally to our workshop in Sliedrecht.

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