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Maintenance Marine Engines

Also for preventive maintenance, you've come to the right place. We can carry out maintenance on all brands and types of marine engines and all technical installations. In addition, the maintenance of your boat engine combines perfectly with winter yacht storage at Drinkwaard Marine.

Extending the life of your boat engine

Thanks to professional maintenance from Drinkwaard technicians your marine engine last longer. In the long run, regular maintenance will cause lower overall cost. Regular maintenance prevents significant defects that might result in expensive repairs or even a replacement of your engine.

Summer and winter - small and large

We perform any type of maintenance on your boat engine. This is possible at your location, at our dock or on shore. In addition to maintenance of marine engines, we can deal with all other technical components at the same moment. Think about bow thrusters, holding tanks, gearboxes and generators.

Storage and maintenance

Want to enjoy our all-in-one maintenance including storage during the winter months? With our bundled package we'll take total care of anything including winterizing your yacht. Your yacht will be ready to sail straight away in spring.

More information on maintenance and/OR Storage?

Are you curious about the cost of maintenance and/or storage?  Please contact us for a quote. You can reach us by webform, at +31 184 412332 or email info@drinkwaard.com.

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