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Portlights of GEBO

GEBO PortholeEspecially with portholes and portlights, being waterproof is an important issue. What if a porthole is leaking? Leaking portholes can cause rust in a steel hull and osmosis in GRP hulls. Also, a bad porthole can become a real danger when your boat is tilting or breaking through high waves.

GEBO portholes - the best quality available GEBO Portholes assortment

We only supply GEBO portholes. The portholes are of the best quality and are manufactured in The Netherlands. The GEBO portholes are produced by highly precise CNC controlled machines.

10-year warranty on GEBO portholes

Thanks to the meticulous production process and the high-quality materials, we can offer a 10-year warranty on the GEBO portholes. So you're 10 years guaranteed leak-free. 10 years no rust or osmosis danger around your portholes.

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Drinkwaard supplies and installs GEBO portholes. Do you like more information? Call us via +31 184 412332 or email to info@drinkwaard.com. Contacting us with the web form is also possible.

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