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Winter storage for your boat

Leaving your vessel in the water during the winter increases the risk of damage to the vessel. We therefore advise you to store your boat with us or on our site. Regardless of the length of your ship, you can store your vessel with us during the winter period of 6 months.

Optimal protection in modern storage

You have 2 options with us; outdoor storage on a closed site or indoor storage in a well-insulated, dust-free and heated shed. In the indoor storage, moisture and other weather influences cannot get a grip on your ship. Indoor storage is of course slightly more expensive, but in that case you will save the costs of preparing your ship for winter!

Free winter storage outside

Outdoor winter storage is free at Drinkwaard Marine when purchasing and installing a new engine.

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Winter storage - Winterstalling voor uw boot

We have more than 60 years of experience in pleasure craft

Winter storage - Wij kunnen uw vaartuig ophalen en afleveren

We can collect and deliver your vessel

You can moor with us or use our pick-up and / or delivery service. You can therefore moor with us at our yard in Sliedrecht. With one of our cranes we can then hoist your vessel onto the shore. In both cases your underwater hull will be thoroughly sprayed by us by high pressure.

Have your vessel serviced immediately

Because your ship has been brought ashore and will not be used for an extended period, this is the ideal time for repair and maintenance work. Our technicians can perform all occurring activities for you. That way you can leave completely ready to sail in the spring.


Outdoor shed   € 39,50 per m².
Indoor storage € 72,50 per m².

The prices include ramps, hosing down the underwater hull and storage. Outdoor storage is free of charge when installing a new engine, only slopes and any hosing down is charged.

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