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Stern thruster

Stern screws are the ideal tool for difficult maneuvering. We are specialists in stern thrusters for pleasure craft. You can choose from stern thrusters from Craftsman Marine, Drinkwaard and CUPA.

We can install your stern propeller within 3 days. View our range of stern / bow thruster parts here.


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Craftsman Marine 35kgf 12V

€ 1.030,00 1-3 days

Craftsman Marine 55kgf 12V

€ 1.270,00 1-3 days

Craftsman Marine 80kgf 12V

€ 1.515,00 1-3 days

Craftsman Marine 80kgf 24V

€ 1.515,00 1-3 days

kopie van Craftsman Marine 95kgf 12V

€ 2.165,00 1-3 days

Craftsman Marine 115kgf 24V

€ 2.165,00 1-3 days

Craftsman Marine 125kgf 12V

€ 2.690,00 1-3 days

Craftsman Marine 150kgf 24V

€ 2.690,00 1-3 days

Craftsman Marine 170kgf 24V

€ 3.225,00 1-3 days

ACTION: When purchasing a Craftsman Marine stern propeller, the control panel and associated cable are temporarily supplied free of charge!

Have your stern thruster installed

Having your gate screw installed can be realized within 3 days. Only high-quality tools and parts are used for this. The installation of your stern propeller is carried out by one of our specialists.

Sell ​​individual parts of stern screws

We also sell parts of stern and bow thrusters separately. You can choose from stern propeller motors, relays, kaplan screws, control panels and tunnels.

Wide range of stern screws

We sell stern screws from different brands. For example, you can choose a stern propeller from our own brand: Drinkwaard, or a stern propeller from the CUPA or Craftsman Marine brand. Need advice? Please contact us.

Long-term guarantee for your stern thruster

Your built-in stern thruster from Drinkwaard Marine comes with a full 24-month full warranty. We can offer this through our high-quality stern thruster motors and built-in qualities.

Why Drinkwaard Marine?

With more than 58 years of experience, a team of 20 specialists and extensive facilities, you choose a solid partner in pleasure craft at Drinkwaard. Would you like advice about a product from our webshop? Feel free to contact us or visit our showroom.

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