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Craftsman Marine 40kgf 12V stern thruster

1.030,00p/piece(incl. VAT)
3-10 days
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Main features
Article number BA.110.04012
Propulsion 40 kgf (piek: 65 kgf)
Engine power 2.6 kW - 3.5 pk (gelijkstroom)
Min. Battery capacity (Ah) 140 Ah
Power consumption 380 A
Trage hoofdzekering (ANL) 250 A
Tension 12V
Tunnel diameter 110mm
Maximum cyclic duration 2 min/hour
Battery cable connector M8
Weight 11.32 kg
Engine IP code IP54 (gesloten motor)
Accukabel (min) 0 - 9 m / 50 mm2
Accukabel (plus) 9 - 13 m / 0 mm2
Motor, reversible DC type
Engine temperature safety
Tunnel options
Steel € 162,-
Polyester € 162,-
Hekschroef bedieningspaneel
ALFA 10T € 136,-
ALFA 20T € 196,-
ALFA 30T € 326,-
Fly-bridge splitter cable € 39,-
Hekschroefkabel 7m € 49,-
Hekschroefkabel 10m € 64,-
Hekschroefkabel 15m € 79,-

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Product description
40kgf 12V stern thruster from Craftsman Marine

This stern thruster has been specially developed for smaller boats. Because the tunnel has a small diameter, no more than 110 mm, it can be built far forward in the stern. As a result, the thrust achieves a maximum effect. View all our Craftsman Marine stern thrusters here.

What's new?

Craftsman Marine's 40kgf 12V stern thruster came on the market in 2023. This stern thruster has improved carbon brushes. This ensures longer engine life. The windings are made of pure copper. This ensures an increased intermittent running time and the whole runs more smoothly. The new protective cover provides good protection for vulnerable parts.

A stern thruster for the future

This stern thruster lasts a long time because it is provided with technical improvements. Think of a protection cap for the electrical components, a flexible coupling that absorbs vibrations and a fan for extra cooling. With this stern thruster you invest in the long term. Your vessel deserves it!

Control panel and cables available

The available control panel is equipped with a joystick or push buttons. The design and finish of the panels match those of the engine control panels perfectly, creating a beautiful combination. The control panel is made of durable material so that it can withstand moisture and salt air.

Have your stern thruster installed within 3 days

Installing your stern thruster is a tough job that requires expert knowledge. We are therefore happy to relieve you of the installation of your new stern thruster. Regardless of your vessel is polyester or steel; our specialists can install your stern thruster within 3 days. At a location of your choice. Read more about installing the stern thruster here.

Need advice with your choice?

We sell stern thrusters from different brands. The choice of a stern thruster depends on several factors. We specialize in bow thrusters and stern thrusters and can therefore help you quickly. Please contact us for this. With more than 55 years of experience, you are assured of sound advice.

That is why you choose Drinkwaard Marine

With more than 60 years of experience, a team of 20 specialists and extensive facilities, you choose a solid partner in pleasure craft. Need advice about a product from our webshop? Feel free to contact us or visit our showroom.

View all our Craftsman Marine stern thrusters here.

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