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CUPA CP40 overhauled stern thruster motor (with trade-in)

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Main features
Article number CPM4012
Propulsion 40 kgf (400 newton)
For ships To 10 meters
Length motor + propeller 395 mm
Diameter screw 10 inch
Technical specifications
Voltage 12V
Power (kW) 2.3
Tube diameter (mm) 273 x 6.3
Operating speed 1300 tpm
Vibration level Nihil
Noise level Nihil
Thermally protected
Included accessories
Kaplan screw

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about CUPA CP40 overhauled stern thruster motor (with trade-in)
Product description

The CUPA CP40 stern thruster motor is suitable for ships up to 10 meters. Are you interested in this product? Please contact us directly.

Don't lose any storage space with this CUPA stern thruster

The CUPA stern thruster is mounted in its entirety, including the drive motor, in the steel tube in the hull. This has no loss of space! With normal stern thrusters, the drive motor is in the boat, so you have to give up valuable storage space.

The CUPA stern thrusters have proven to be reliable

The CUPA stern thrusters are reliable and reliable. They are widely used in yacht rental, where the CUPA stern thruster has proven itself. We give a 2-year warranty on the CUPA stern thrusters. This way you can maneuver to the centimeter.

Low operating costs due to maintenance-free construction

The stern thruster is made of steel and copper. The motor has been developed with a maintenance-free construction. You will reap the benefits in the long term! Even in strong winds you keep full control over your vessel. The engine is not a converted starter motor that overheats quickly, but a low-noise and solid power source.

Your stern thruster will be professionally installed within 3 days

Installing your stern thruster is quite a job that requires professional knowledge. We are therefore happy to take the installation of your new stern thruster off your hands. Regardless of whether your vessel is made of polyester or steel; our specialists can install your stern thruster within 3 days. At a location of your choice. Read more about installing a stern thruster here.

That is why you choose Drinkwaard Marine

With more than 60 years of experience, a team of {% lbl_aantal_specialisten%} specialists and extensive facilities, you choose a solid partner in pleasure craft. Need advice for the purchase of your bow thruster? Feel free to contact us or visit our showroom.

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