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Craftsman Marine 150kgf 24V

2.690,00p/piece(incl. VAT)
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Main features
Propulsion 150 kgf
Engine power 6.5 Kw
Min. Battery capacity (Ah) 2*120 Ah
Tension 24V (DC)
Tunnel diameter 250 mm
Maximum cyclic duration 2 min/hour
Battery cable connector M10
Weight 39 kg
Slow Fuse (A) 300 A
Motor, reversible DC type
Current (A) 430 A
Prijs boegschroefmotor € 2.690,-
Engine temperature safety
Bow Thrusters control panel
ALFA 10T € 136,-
ALFA 20T € 196,-
ALFA 30T € 326,-
Thruster cables
Fly-bridge splitter cable € 39,-
Thruster Cable 7m € 49,-
Thruster Cable 10m € 64,-
Thruster Cable 15m € 79,-

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Product description

Bow Thruster 150kgf 24V

The specially developed propellers and optimum streamlined tail cause a reduced noise of these Craftsman Marine thrusters. Unique is the fact that the screw of each type of the thruster is between 55 and 170 kgf formed separately on the basis of the maximum speed so that the propeller efficiency is extremely high. The installation of Craftsman Marine thrusters is simple and requires little installation time. Of course, we can install the Bow Thruster as well.

A control panel with a joystick or buttons is available separately. The design and finish of the panels fit perfectly with that of the motor control panels, creating a stylish combination.


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